Nutrisystem Celebrities – Which Famous (And Not So Famous) People Have Lost Weight on This Diet?

There's no question that many faces attract interest in a product. Advertising executives on Madison Avenue have never had a doubt about this. And, if there's one thing that us regular people covet it's the body and beauty of many celebrities (especially women).

Still, what we love even more than the perfect body is a comeback story. We love seeing Valerie Bertinelli go from looking not so hot to looking gorously toned in a bikini. We're heartbroken that Kirstie Alley is resorting back to her old ways. To this end, I'm often asked which celebrities are Nutrisystem alumni. The answer is quite a few. Some are very famous and well known and with some of them, I'm not sure what the company was thinking. However, to answer this question, I'll give a brief overview of some of the famous people who've lost weight on Nutrisystem.

Jillian Barberie: Without a doubt, Jillian is probably the celebrity most closely associated with Nutrisystem. Her print and TV ads that show her parading around in a bikini have gotten a lot of attention. She lost over 40 pounds on the diet following the birth of her daughter. But let's face it, I bet she'd look great no matter what she ate. Still, I think she looks better than ever. I like her as a brunette.

Marie Osmond: Marie Osmond is probably the second most recognizable Nutrisystem alumni. She's lost 45 pounds and I actually find her more believable than Jillian because her weight loss was not baby weight that may have come off anyway. Still, I'm sure her stint on Dancing With The Stars helped some too.

Belinda Carlisle: Speaking of Dancing With The Stars , former Go Gos lead singer Belinda Carlisle has recently lost around 20 pounds. I think she looked fine before though.

Tori Spelling: Here's another post partum weight loss signing. Tori says she earned over 50 pounds when she was pregnant with her son and she lost all of that thanks to Nutrisystem. I must say she is REALLY thin right now – most people think too much so.

Danielle Fishel: When I tell people about this young dieter, most do not know who she is. She is the young actress who appeared on Boy Meets World and also wore a bikini in the ads. She lost around 30 pounds and was quite thin when the diet was over.

Zora Andrich: Remember Zora from Joe Millionaire ? In addition to splitting a lot of money with the guy on the show, she cashed in with this diet and lost around 20 pounds.

Jodie Sweetin: This actress played Stephanie Tanner on Full House . Like many of the spokeswomen, she went on the diet after giving birth (in this case to her daughter Zoie.) She too lost 40 pounds.

The Guys (Dan Marino, Don Shula, Ant, Lawrence Taylor, Joey Fatone): Many people do not realize that there is a diet for men too. And, of course the company has male celebrity spokespeople. Most are sports figures but there are a few comedians and also Joey from Dancing With The Stars .

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