It Is High Time to Break Celebrity Monopoly, Need not We?

Enter the celluloid world. You will find many smiling faces who are successful in their career. Seeing their lifestyle in videos many may think, I too should become a film celebrity one day. But the moment a talented person tries to enter the film world, that person will understand how difficult things are.

Many will wonder what made them reject in film industry despite the person has passed several tests on talent over the years. The forces that control the film world are so strong, and one can not enter the film world without and until that person has a godfather to facilitate things in the film industry. In this process, the talent of the aspiring actor is suppressed or after making an initial debut, could not proceed further and leave the profession.

Why to Break Celebrity Monopoly in Film Industry?

A few years back Uday Kiran from a particular community committed suicide. His grouse was he was unable to rise in the film industry dominated by specific communities who give little space to aspiring actors. I like to term this injustice as celebrity monopoly that has a network of film celebrities, theaters, outlets that overcharge the customers, film distributors channels, producers, and directors who collectively choke new talent. Now it is the time for aspiring talent as well as those who remain as huge fans of a few particular established celebrations to think. Are they the only ones who can give entertainment? What about different themes that can raise many issues of the people? Or, what about creative ideas on a trending topic to come forth and act as dominant themes that can unite people for or against existing ideas or mindset?

Need We Explore New Talent?

Let me tell in detail. Imagine a person who is going to one particular restaurant and thinks the specialty dish offered by that food outlet is the best. Like a frog in a well, he is unwilling to listen to another who tasted a better meal from another restaurant. One fine day, the first person saw the food outlet he used to visit remains closed, and he could not eat his favorite delicacy. At that time, he remembered his friend's suggestion about another restaurant in the nearby lane. Just to satiate his hunger he went there and found his choicest delicacy tastier and lesser in price. At that time, he realized how long he had been taken in by the poor standard food offered by the food outlet he used to frequent. The point of the matter is we need to explore new talent than established ones.

Friends, so are the case with new themes and ideas we need to explore. We are used to the same style and mannerisms of a few particular actors, but in this process, we failed to taste many novel ideas, styles, and themes that can give us more variety in entertainment. The celebrities who monopolize the entertainment industry is denying access to diversity in entertainment that crams their imagination from seeking new flavors of entertainment.

Having described one element that plagues the entertainment industry, let me take a turn to the issue of how women are being abused in the entertainment industry. The #Metoo campaign in the US has its impact. In the US, the UK, France, and in India many women celebrities are coming out in protest against being abused in their professors. Sri Reddy, a small-time actress, has been a victim of abuse that led to an explosion in the form of removing the dress before the public as a protest. The fact is small time women are facing double exploitation – they are denied payment, and they are being abused at the same time. Many are given false promises and underwent betrayal from many managers and producers.

Gender Equity in Film World

#Metoo campaign is a harbinger of change. Kangana Ranaut has boldly spoken against a Bollywood celebrity. In one particular State, people did not realize much about how established is celebrity monopoly that works like a mafia exploiting the fairer sex till one actor's attack on a female celebrity became an issue that isolated him completely. Yes, a fight is going on against the male patriarchal system.

Shall We Break Film Celebrity Monopoly?

I hope high on technology. In the earlier scenario, people could have suppressed by the established celebrities or celebrity mafia. Now things are changing with the advent of social media and online media where talented ones can come up with creative themes that can unite ethical directors, profit-oriented producers to one platform and break the celebrity monopoly.

The war has begun. Talented ones need to blame their fate. Do not you want to be a celebrity in your life? For that, you need to fight it out. Noteworthy is the effort of a hero like Danish Khan to use online platforms or social media platforms to entertain people and making a mark as a YouTube star.

And for the general public, it is high time to realize that the real talent is hidden and it is coming out in force through online media which they should support wholeheartedly. Foster new talent, watch in home theaters, set a new trend of alternative means of entertainment other than mainstream theater-oriented entertainment. The alternative path to become celebrity will create thousands of opportunities for the aspiring actors, actresses.

Aspiring celebs, when you do so, you are promoting a unique talent, which can be your brother, sister, or children. Hope you will pitch for this change.

Hollywood Celebrities Force Up Price of Dinosaur Fossils

They stopped making them 65 million years ago and now Dinosaur fossils have become the latest status symbol for Hollywood "A" lists. Nicholas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio were in a bidding war for a Tarbosaurus skull (an Asian relative of Tyrannosaurus rex) at a recent Beverley Hills auction. Dinosaur fans and model makers have no chance when these high rollers enter the auction. More importantly, many museums, keen to acquire new fossils for display and study, may not be able to complete financially with wealthy, private collectors. It seems that a number of celebrities as well as big businessmen and even royalty have taken to collecting rare fossils. This phenomenon is not new, wealthy patrons have always helped fund collecting and sponsored expeditions as well as permanent exhibits. Mary Anning, the pioneer English fossil collector, sold many of her Lyme Regis (Dorset, on the south coast of England) finds to private collectors.

Securing the Patronage of a Wealthy Sponsor

Had Gideon Mantell was able to secure the support and patronage of the newly crowned King William IV when the royal party visited Lewes on October 22nd 1830, the science of palaeontology could well have taken a different route. However, the luckless Mantell missed out and one of the most distinguished and important early pioneers of Dinosaur study was doomed to be squeezed out by the better connected Sir Richard Owen, who later went on to found the Natural History Museum located in South Kensington (London ).

Dinosaur Fossils - The New Status Symbol

For the world's wealthy having your very own private collection of fossils and other antiquities is becoming an important status symbol. DiCaprio may have lost out to Nicholas Cage when it came to bidding for the Tyrannosaur skull, but no doubt other batches of rare and unique specimens will be auctioned in California shortly and he will have another chance.

Fossil sales are big business, many scientific bodies and museums can not compete and as a result palaeontologists are unable to study rare specimens and important specimens. The rising prices has led to increased trade in illegal fossils (remains removed without permission) and counterfeit specimens, so well made that they can even fool professional palaeontologists.

Another consequence of the high prices paid for dinosaur and other prehistoric animal fossils is that there have been a number of rockets on scientific dig sites, with many precious and delicelled fossils stolen or damaged in such raids. Fossil sites, in the United Kingdom and the United States have been ignored by individuals keen to find dinosaur fossils so that they can either be sold at auction or privately. Sadly, such fossils are taken out of the hands of palaeontologists who are not able to study them, so our fossil heritage is weakened and scientists have few opportunities to learn about these amazing prehistoric creatures.