Celebrity Wedding Gowns – Get Your Own Designer Wedding Dress

Today, most eyes are glued on celebrities, their ever move is being watched. Given that, there is no need to wonder why celebrities get married in very impressive ways. The press feasts on celebrity weddings, every single detail of the event is analyzed, from the location to the invited guests and to the designer of the bride and the bridal party's dresses. Celebrity wedding gowns can be one of the most complex gowns on the planet, top designers go all out on celebrity wedding gowns to keep their place in the fashion industry safe and sound.

Designing a Celebrity Wedding Gown

Most celebrity wedding gowns are hand-made to ensure that the dress fits the bride perfectly, it is styled in very original ways which guarantees the bride to have a real one-of-a-kind dress, and certainly no one else can have. More often than not, the dress contains precious gems and is carefully hand stitched by skilled seamstresses. celebrity wedding gowns would often carry the ides of the celebrities themselves, it's either because they've already spotted a nice design but just wanted to add a personal touch to it or they know the basic style they want for their dress. But most of the celebrities lay it all on the designer, trusting the designer's choices because they believe that the designer knows what's best for them in terms of skin coloring, palettes and body shape.

We regularly see celebrity wedding gowns in magazines or on television, those dresses costs a fortune, ranging from ten thousands US dollars and above. The reason for having such a huge price tag is because every aspect of the dress is handmade, it takes approximately six months to finish, depending on how intricate the design is. The more complex the design gets, the more expensive it becomes. Many of the celebrity wedding gowns include pearls, diamonds, and a lot or other precious stones hand-sewn on the dress, making it even more expensive. The uniqueness and the lavish nature of these dresses are probably the main reason why these gowns are considered to be prized possessions by socialites and celebrities.

Acquiring Celebrity Wedding Gowns

A lot of women idolize the styles of celebrity wedding gowns and would constantly dream about having that lovely dress within the palms of their hands. That dream can be turned into reality; there are a bunch of options to help you grab that celebrity dress. A few wedding apparel retailers sell replicas of celebrity wedding gowns to quench those hopefuls' thirsts. These replicas are not as detailed as the original ones worn by the celebrity, think of it as a spin-off, only a lot cheaper. Dresses like these usually costs $ 5,000 or less, compared with the originals … that's definitely cheaper! Do not worry about the dress, it still somehow looks like the real one because it has a lot of beading and faux gemstones, as opposed to the original ones, they are mass produced which can reduce the quality and the uniqueness but it sure can lower the price!

When you think about the word "celebrity", you think about fame. When you think about the word "celebrity", you think about wealth. When you think of the word "celebrity", you think of picking up. So do you really think celebrity is such a great thing? All of us sometimes think that. We want to be famous and well-known all around the world, to be rich and never worry about money. But that's life which is never easy to everyone. There are always something go along with celebrity such things as the lack of privacy, the loneliness and the exhaustion and some other thing like that. So is it really good to be a celebrity?

There is a nice number of advantages of being a celebrity:

The greatest advantage of being famous is that celebrities are usually very rich so they have easier life than other people. They live in beautiful homes which have housekeepers, securities, cooks and other servants. They do not have to worry about paying bills, can aff afford the best clothes and drive a luxury car. What is more, they spend their holidays in expensive resorts, get the best hotel rooms and the best service. Some words like "cheap", "sales", "too expensive" never appear in a celebrity's dictionary. For example, the slogan "Save money during these difficult economy times" is almost not valuable for Victoria Beckham. She told the media: "Buying a lot of stuff is the way to renew my lifestyle". No comment !!!

Secondly, when you are famous, your name is known by everyone. Then, you are invited to the best parties and meet other celebrities. Your fans send you gifts and letters to tell you how much they love you. Tomorrowmore, celebrities can have a brand product without paying money because some designer will send it to them for advertising or promotion. A famous person receive first-class service wherever they go, such as they do not need to line up when they go to watch movies or see a concert. It's really amazing for ordinary people.

And last but not least, also very interesting, celebrities can easily pickup other celebrities or other person, especially one night stand. I think Paris Hilton can totally agree with me on that one!

However, everything in the world has two sides. Being famous has as disadvantages as advantages.

The biggest problem for famous people is the media which can either make them or break them. They definitely can let you down. Just ask Birtney Spears. Celebrities seldom have privacy and often have to go out in public wearing disguise so that they will not be recognized. They are hounded by the paparazzi who try to photograph them all the time. They also have to notice their appearance and be gentle and polite everywhere and anytime. And if they do something wrong, everyone get to know it immediately. Often the magazine and newspaper write gossip and do not tell true about famous person, what can be very unfortunately for them.

The next thing is stress. The more they get and succeed the more they are expected by their fans to achieve. This is a huge obsession for them. Therefore, it is very easy to see that celebrities who can not solve their problem often abuse alcohol or drugs. In other words, the fame can destroy a man very easily. We just think about Michael Jackson or Diego Maradona to gain experience.

Celebrities also never be sure if their friends and fans like them for who they are or for their money. Celebrities find it hard to trust someone as a real friend. Although they are rich, they still feel lonely sometimes. Money does not bring happiness.

In conclusion, celebrity may be nice but not an easy thing to live with. You may have a lot of money but you still feel so lonely and not safe. Your name is known by everyone but stress lets you down. You have everything which ordinary people do not have but you can not do everything which they can do because of the media, especially the paparazzi. So, is it good to be a celebrity? Well, I seem it depends on the person. There are some people who are famous and lead normal, calm life without any serious problems. For me, it is the secret of the happiness.